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Agreed that more people have to witness breastfeeding. It is horrible that most people feel uncomfortable around something so natural. Even using a breastfeeding cover in public, I get more that my share of dirty looks. Its horrible and disheartening that so many peole view something so NATURAL as UNATURAL and not normal


Yes! Yes! YES!

My biggest point for nursing in public (other than it just being silly to be against it) is that it is SO important for people to witness nursing.

We have entire generations of breastfeeding moms missing. What are the children who were raised like you to do? Unless you are already a natural minded person you would be likely to not breastfeed your young when you have them either. You certainly wont have the support from your mother that you need because she doesn't understand or value breastfeeding. Support is one of the greatest tools a mother needs to breastfeed successfully. Unless someone like you connects with her BF community and finds that support, feels like she is safe and not judged, she may struggle greatly.

The more we nurse our young for others to see, the more others will follow suit. <3


I think these events are great. I was not breastfed as an infant (my mother thinks it is "gross and wrong") and do not have kids, but I am an advocate for the natural feeding of infants. Events like this help others who may have been raised like me to be exposed to something that may have been hidden or discouraged.

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