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For me, my son was quite a bit older and I was just completely honest with him. I told him that I made that choice at the time with little knowledge or reason to, and that I was sorry, but that I had learned from it and that was why I had chosen not to cut his little brother. My youngest doesn't know the difference yet. He sees his father's penis from time to time and hasn't noticed any differences. We plan on just being very honest with him as well.


I am a mother of a circumcised boy. I plan on more children and if we have another boy I do NOT want to circumcise him (especially after watching the video). However, I am confused with how to talk about it if one is cut and the other uncut. Any advise out there?


Great post. I have one son who is circumcised and one intact. I do regret profoundly having my son circumcised, but I'm trying to ease my dissonance with what I've done with the type of mom/person I see myself as. I'm also wrestling with how I will make amends to my son who is young enough he doesn't know any different.

Thanks for letting me write that out, it's nice to know there are other parents out there dealing with this as well.I too hope to share my experiences and knowledge with other parents and eliminate future circumcisions.

Leslie W

I am a mom to boys 2 circumcised, one not. I didn't want to cut the first two (more a feeling than any knowledge I had), but went along with the decision of my husband. He used the "look like me" reasoning. I know, I know! But I didn't have the facts or support or experience. Our first 2 were hospital born and a very similar experience as yours. Our third was born at home and while researching and preparing for it I read and learn more about circumcision. I found support from a new group of awesome mamas and was able to educate my husband. Life is life and I do not regret anything I have done, you do the best with the tools you have at the time. Thankfully I know have the knowledge and I am able to share it with others. Hopefully they are effected enough to do more research.
Great article!

roger desmoulins

"No woman that I spoke with had anything negative to say about men they had been with who was uncut - on the contrary - all of them told me that it was "better because there was more give"."

There is a growing chorus of American women blogging and commenting to this effect. This is why male circumcision is also a woman's issue: it detracts from a woman's enjoyment of marital intimacy.

Stacy Beene

Finally watched and read the video...We found out we are having a boy this past Friday and I could barely breath while watching! Thank you for posting!!

Stephanie Butler

Great Post! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

Stephanie Butler

GREAT post! Thanks for sharing!

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